Coming soon for Halloweenie


(your face is probably the funnest face to draw, best expressions Ive ever seen.)  

SO MANY SQUEAKS OH MY GOOOOOOD I’m so hap omg omgngsth I’m just so happy ooh my gosh gosh gosh cosh it me 

it me

Dogart Comics 27 - Bookmarked for Death

Ali’s the most anal person about the condition of her books. Don’t wreck them or she will burn your house down. Or what she thinks is your house.
Also I need to make a better hairstyle for her.

Dogart Comics

Some sketches of the best show on youtube, The Big Lez Show. You fucken druggos.

Dogart Comics

Eva Amaranth and Friend

Just mucking around with character creation and stuff, and I really liked this weird ghostly chick so I developed it some more.

Dogart Comics

2008-2011-2014 Art Comparison

Planning on redoing this picture that I drew in 2008 for some reason every 4 years.

Dogart Comics

Fan art of one of my favourite online comic series, the Reading Books Club from Haunted Bees. I actually did this ages ago, just uploading it here now. WAAARGH

Dogart Comics | Haunted Bees


if you ever doubt your art skills just remember one thing:

  • at least you’re not Tim Buckley 

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Dogart Comics