Been watching all of South Park to get hyped to play the new game. Have some kids.

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Commission Info

How would you like to help ol’ Matt out?
I’m doing commissions! Please let me know if you are interested at all, I’ll draw anything for you and you’ll also become a super cool person guaranteed!

Info here:

Thank you very much, I super appreciate it!



this is a very deep statement about adulthood it might take you a while to figure it out but that’s okay art isn’t meant to be understood it’s meant to be appreciated

Made for, and featuring, sir dogartcomics.

I will never get tired of Ed’s stare

I love you Shen FenchHaunted Bees | Dogart Comics

I love you Shen Fench

Haunted Bees | Dogart Comics

Happy Birthday Savie!

A tribute to the amazing art and characters she has developed over the years. Good on you bro.

MissDoppelganger | Dogart Comics

Some Wreck-It Ralph sketches. It’s been over a year, but I still love this movie. Also been playing around in Photoshop.

Dogart Comics

Matt watches Angel Beats

Dogart Comics

Bunch of character style sketches of Frozen. Sorry about the Instagram quality picture, its the only one I could get easily.

Dogart Comics

Elsa sketch real quick in Gimp.

Dogart Comics

25 - Long Distance

Oh wow another comic? With a joke? Craziness I know.
Sorry to Sam and Josh for using their stable relationship as a basis for a terrible comic.

Full Size | Dogart Comics